Make the Most of Job Fairs

Job fairs offer job seekers a great opportunity to connect with employers. They could lead to a job interview or expand your network at a company you are targeting.

How can you make the most of the experience?  How do you persuade an employer to give you a job interview or make a contact that will get you closer to that new job? How do you find job fairs in your area?

First, post your resume on before the job fair. Make sure that your resume presents your accomplishments, skills, experience and education and is error-free. Next, check your local WorkForce Center to look for free workshops about job search.

Here are more tips for making the most of job fairs:

Choose a Job Fair

  • You can learn about a wide range of job fairs across the state here. The day, time and location of events are listed with links for more details.
  • Select events to add to your calendar and receive reminder emails or text messages.  

Before the Job Fair

  • Develop and practice a one -minute self-marketing introduction, including a greeting, your expertise, accomplishments and areas of interest.  Also offer a way you can help the person you’re speaking with. Start a conversation. Don’t give an advertisement.
  • Research companies participating in the job fair. Also, offer a way you can help the other person.
  • Prepare questions that show interest and knowledge about the organizations.
  • Arrange for others to take care of family responsibilities, such as daycare; while you will be attending.

During the Job Fair

  • Go alone, or if you go with others, walk the job fair floor by yourself.
  • Be professional. Use your self-marketing introduction, demonstrating interest and enthusiasm.
  • Dress as you would for a job interview.
  • Ask relevant questions and answer questions clearly and concisely, showing the knowledge you acquired about the company.
  • Collect company information, request a business card, take notes and ask about follow-up procedures.
  • Repeat your interest in the company, offer a resume and thank employers for their time.
  • Attend workshops for job seekers and participate in resume critiques where offered.

After the Job Fair

  • Send a thank you letter within three days of the job fair.
  • Contact the employer afterward to remind him or her of your continued interest in employment opportunities, preferably with a phone call. If you don’t receive a response, call again.
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